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Zaiya: Singapore’s Smallest Premature Baby Weight 345g; Read The Whole Story!

Zaiya: Singapore's Smallest Premature Baby Weight 345g

Two hours-that ‘s how long Mrs Rohani Mustani and her husband had to determine whether or not to give birth or terminate their pregnancy. However, the end result of the deciding led to a newborn baby girl named Zaiya.

Details About The Case Of Smallest Premature Baby- Zaiya

Zaiya: Singapore's Smallest Premature Baby Weight 345g

As a result of extreme preeclampsia, Mdm Rohani was 23 weeks pregnant when her blood pressure grew rapidly. Doctors advised them the survival rate of the infant was approximately 20 percent.
It was shocking news for the couple who, when they found out they were having a child, had already chosen a name-Zaiya.

Given their chances, the husband and wife agreed via an emergency caesarean section that Mdm Rohani would deliver the infant.

On March 27, after just 23 weeks and six days, Zaiya was born. Weighing 345 g, she was the size of the hand of an adult. Her arms and legs, doctors said, were as thin as fingers. Mdm Rohani recalled speaking to reporters at the National University Hospital (NUH) on Monday (Oct 26) believing that the abdominal pains she felt were normal gastric pains, but she was surprised to learn after arriving at the emergency department that she was displaying signs of serious preeclampsia.

“The very next day, I had to deliver her. We had a scan done, and the baby was very small. Doctors estimated that the rate of survival was very low. It is considered that a full-term pregnancy is at least 37 weeks.

Infant Born Before 24 Weeks Of Gestation

Infants born before 24 weeks of gestation are not considered “viable,” as their chances of survival are poor, explained Dr. Krishnamoorthy Niduvaje, senior consultant at the Department of Neonatology.

“Twenty per cent, rather than no hope, is always hope. But I just wanted to go along with it. After that, whatever happens, I just leave it to fate. On my side, I’m just glad that I delivered rather than terminated”, Mdm Rohani said.
“We only got to see her through the transparent glass while she was in the incubator. We’re not permitted to feel her. Are you aware of how painful it is for a mother? “Mdm Rohani said.

“I wasn’t even able to hug Zaiya and brush her fingertips. Just I could see her. When they changed her diaper, the only time I could see her skin to skin was when they removed the incubator glass, and then I could finally see her face to face.”

Zaiya: Singapore's Smallest Premature Baby Weight 345g

MDM Rohani returned to work two months after giving birth. Due to COVID-19 limits, the parents visited Zaiya in the hospital every day, turning to remain at her incubator in the NICU.
She added that because Zaiya’s skin was so thin, ‘almost transparent,’ her diaper had to be changed at least six to eight times a day to prevent inflammation and breakage of the skin that could lead to infections.

How Delivery Become Possible Of The Smallest Premature Baby- Zaiya

Nurses had to use a narrower than normal breathing tube of around 2 mm in diameter for the ventilator, which also made it harder to feed Zaiya medicine through the tube, Ms. Wang said. There is typically a diameter of 2.5 mm and above for a standard ventilator tube.
The blood vessels in Zaiya ‘s eyes were not completely formed “in an ordered manner” because she was born extremely premature, which could have resulted in blindness if not properly treated, said Dr Krishnamoorthy.

Zaiya still had a tiny hole in her heart on top of all this, which was ‘a very temporary one.’ This hole is supposed to close naturally after birth in two to three days, he said, in most full-term newborn babies.

Zaiya was able to eventually meet her three siblings and grandparents after more than four months in the NICU.

Her stay in the hospital and care cost the family about S$50,000 after subsidies, Mr Saufi said, adding that without them it would have been about S$200,000.

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