Zahos Hadjifotiou Obituary, Zahos Hadjifotiou Cause of death

Zahos Hadjifotiou Obituary, Zahos Hadjifotiou Cause of death

Zahos Hadjifotiou, legendary Greek bon viveur dies in Athens

A larger-than-life persona, Zahos Hadjifotiou, died in Athens on Friday, 30th September 2022. At the time of his death, he was 99 years old. Zahos was also a decorated Greek soldier in the second world war. Zahos Hadjifotieu Was a successful businessman, journalist, and author. 

Zahos Hadjifotiou Cause of death

Zahos Hadjifotiou was said to be hospitalized for several months before his demise. It is not mentioned in any of the reports how exactly he died. It is speculated that he died of natural causes. He was admitted to a hospital in the capital city of Athens, Greece. 

Who was Zahos Hadjifotiou?

Zahos Hadjifotiou was born in Plaka, Athens, on 28th September 1923. When he was 17, he escaped German-occupied Greece and went to Egypt. There he took part in military operations. He received several promotions. In Italy, he joined the legendary Third Mountain Brigade. It is known as Rimini. 

He wrote a book on his adventures during World War 2. The book is named The Middle East Affairs. After the war, he returned to Greece. After that, he joined the family business. He worked in the family business until 1956. From then, he remained as director of a publishing house in Paris till 1962. 

From 1970, he was active in the shipping business. From 1970 onwards, he became a successful and celebrated writer and journalist. He married the famous Greek actress Tzeni Karezi in 1962. At that time, their marriage was held as one of the biggest social events in Greece. 

Zahos Hadjifotiou Obituary:

There is no official information about Zahos Hadjifotiou’s funeral arrangements. His family is yet to confirm and share the details about the memorial service and prayer meets. 

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