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Youngsters Lost Their Life In A Parasailing Mishap On The Greek Island Of Rhodes; Read More!


The beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece witnessed the scene of a horror. An incident today shocked everyone as two British youngsters have lost their lives while a third is badly hurt.

Two British youngsters executed in a dreadfulness parasailing mishap on the Greek island of Rhodes, reports confirmation.

Youngsters Lost Their Life In A Parasailing Mishap On The Greek Island Of Rhodes

The triad Youngsters, comprising two brothers, aged 15 and 13, and their 15-year-old female cousin. They dragged when a rope holding their parasailing parachute snapped, the Greek coastguard said.

About The Youngsters

A 13-year-old boy and the 15-year-old girl killed. However, the enduring boy is in a “severe condition with multiple injuries” in a hospital in Rhodes.

The unfortunate pair discovered “dead in a tough spot” in the wake of being cleared away by solid breezes. Whereas the third high schooler purportedly found on a rough territory close by.

The triplet youngsters had parascending in a waterfront zone. They accepted to be off the fishing town of Lindos, in south east Rhodes, it is accounted for.

The Greek coastguard stated: “A 13-year-old young lady and a youngster of 15 discovered dead in a tough spot close to the city of Lindos in Rhodes.”

According To The Sources

A source has told the Sun: “It seemed as a terrible mishap. Three of them were all up in the sky at a very high height, around 400 to 500ft. Accidently when the rope connected to their parachute and the speedboat snapped.

“It obviously sufficien to able to pull each of them three simultaneously.

Youngsters Lost Their Life In A Parasailing Mishap On The Greek Island Of Rhodes

“Solid breezes conveyed them over the sky. Furthermore, after few minutes the fact they crushed into a bluff face on the sea shore.

“Every one of them were parasailing simultaneously. Yet it seems illicit for three to do it without a moment’s delay.”

Etaktanea reports the two young men and young lady are for the most part teenage.  Moreover, it appeared that they plucked in their parachute behind a speedboat.

It shows up the associating rope has snapped. It occure because of solid breezes, and two of the youngsters conveyed by the breeze onto the stones. Where youngsters passed on in a flash.

The specialists said the third teenage taken to medical clinic subsequently. Teenage restored by the fire and salvage groups and is battling for life with various wounds.

It is accepted the youngsters are individuals from a similar family. Who came on vacation in the territory of Pefki, which neighbors Lindos.

An examination has opened into the frightfulness mishap. It also inclided with the vessel’s commander, co-chief and the organization proprietor addressed by police, the coastguard said.

Etaktanea reports nearby limitations disallow parasailing rides of at least three youngesters.

The Foreign Office has been drawn closer for input.


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