X Movie Release Date In DVD, Blue-Ray, Official Trailer & More

X Movie Release Date:- This movie will be released on 24th May 2022 in DVD & Blue-Ray print.  It’s not the best title, but X the film is currently receiving excellent reviews. You’ll soon be adding it to your DVD collection.

As for movie titles, X is not the best. It’s worse than We and Old. That being said, the film is doing well in theaters as far as reviews go. If you haven’t seen it in theaters, there’s still time. Or you can choose to wait for the DVD release.

The horror film is set in 1979 with porn star Maxine Minx looking to make it big. She heads to a private filming location with her production crew, where they come across a remote farmhouse. He already has everything he needs to Chainsaw Massacre and yes, it takes place in rural Texas!

As the production crew films, the farm owners who have agreed to rent the space show their true colors. Pearl goes into a murderous rage and the crew will have to fight for their survival in this horrible house.

X Movie Official Trailer

X Movie DVD Release Date

There is now a release date for the slasher movie. To have Tuesday 24 May in your diary.

X Movie Release Date In DVD

You can Pre-order X movie on amazon if you want. It’s a great way to save money because you’ll get a price guarantee. It doesn’t matter what price you accept when you buy. If it goes down until the release date, you lock in that lower price.

There is no set digital release date yet. This is usually set for a week or two before the DVD and Blu-ray release. If not, it will be when the movie heads to DVD and Blu-ray due to the combo packs available. A24 is pretty good at making sure movies get to digital before DVD, though.

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