Will Smith Thinks Divorce Is not an Option

As we all have seen the web series of Jada Pinkett Smith and the latest episode of that web series red table talk Pinkett, she told about her romantic relationship with August Alsina.

While she was married to Will Smith, she had a romantic relationship with an American singer, and the singer still not over from the relationship. He still has feelings for Jada has his new song entanglement said so.



Jada had said thattheywere going through a rough patch of their marriage, and at that time, she as a friend meet August. August and Jada seems to be fine with their relationship but after a period of time the relationship got over.

The controversy started when Jada confessed in her web series sitting across Will Smith and telling him that she had a romantic relationship with the singer and within 24 hours the video reached 15 million

After all the controversy, Will Smith came up and said that divorce is not an option. With Jada, I stood in front of God and said, tell the death of apart us. I said that they are going to be only two outcomes from this; we both our dead or I am dead. Jada also said that we are going to live forever under the same roof, and there is no need to get the divorce.

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