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Will Smith Funnily Threatened To Block A Fan


The entangled Smith

Will Smith has responded to a comment on his recent post. A few weeks ago, Jada Pinkett Smith told the press that she we used to have an affair with an American singer August Alsina. Because of that affair, there was news that Will Smith and Jada Smith were going to split up, but recently e both have said that divorce is not an option. Han wild talking in the red table conference she also said that she had a friendship with August and Will Smith and she was going through some rough patches at that time.

The news of Jada cheating on will was all over the media, and we still think that the singer is still not over with Jada because he releases a new song entanglement which is somehow dedicated to Jada. The singer recently released the music and the lyrics of the music pointed out the relation between the Jada and August

After the song gawd release a few weeks later, Will Smith posted a photo on Instagram. After the image is displayed and commented that don’t get entangled, as well Smith being Will Smith’s reply to the comment saying that joke is very funny, but I think I should block you.

After all the rumours spreading all over the media August to Cup Instagram and said that it is just an artistic form of expression and not related to anyone Jada and I are still good and we will be for life. He also said that he does not like drama. Drama makes in nauseous. He said that he does not like to tell people that who he is sleeping with who is being friend with he likes to keep things in private and he also thinks that the Smiths are very good people. He said that people also think that I lost money and friendship but that’s not true and I don’t like people to think in such a way and they necessarily not know the truth.

From Will’s Instagram
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