Who Was Chetana Raj? What Is The Cause Of Death Kannada Actress?

Chetana Raj Died: She was an Indian Kannada Film & TV actress. She was 21 years old and now she died at the age of 21. Her death reason is her fat surgery. She has too many followers on her social media profiles and now this is the heartbreaking news for her fans that she is no more. All fans are paring for her and she was best-known for TV serials and Kannada movies. 

Who was Kannada Serial Actress Chetana Raj?

Chetana was a well-known Indian Kannada Serial actress. She was 21 years old when she died. The Chetanna Raj family lived in Abbigare, North Taluk, Bangalore. Dr. Shetty does not respond to parents or the media about the death. Doctors said they would speak soon after the post-mortem report. Chetanna Raj starred in Geeta, Dorasani, and Leaning Station serials in Colors Kannada. He has also starred in the Hawaiian movie Cinema.

What was the Cause of the Death Of Chetana Raj?

The reason behind the death of Chetana Raj is her fat surgery. According to the news, Television actress Chetana Raj (21) has died at Shetty Cosmetic Hospital in Navrang Circle. Fat surgery is the accumulation of water content in the lungs. Parents are outraged that they have died due to the negligence of doctors. Mother Munilakshmi wept in front of actress Chetanna’s body. Chetan’s father Varadaraj alleged that the fat surgery was performed without the necessary equipment and the consent of the parents. Chetana acted in several serials and cinema. The case took place at Subramaniyanagar police station. Parents have decided to file a complaint with the police against the doctor.

Kannada Serial Actress Chetana Raj

Chetana Raj Fat Surgery 

Fat surgery was performed on the actress without her parents’ knowledge. Last morning (May 16) at 9:30 am, he was hospitalized and had surgery. The parents were taken to Shetty Hospital. During surgery, the lungs were filled with water and the condition was serious, At four o’clock most of the treatment was attempted. But in the meantime, he died. Chetanna Raj died due to the negligence of doctors of Shetty Cosmetic Hospital. How to Do Surgery Without Parental Consent. The deceased Chetna Raj Valiyappa Rajanna responded that Chetty Raj was responsible for the death at Shetty Hospital.

The deceased Chetanna Raj’s father, Varadaraj, attributed the doctor’s negligence to the daughter’s death. Lungs are a respiratory problem filled with fat content. There is no system including an ICU in the hospital. She had previously been asked to undergo Fat Surgery. We said no. She was hospitalized for surgery without bringing it to our attention today. By the time we arrived, the daughter was having surgery. She complained that my daughter died because of neglect by the hospital doctor.

Chetana Raj Parents Name

Her mother’s is Munilakshmi wept. Her father’s name is Varadaraj.

How Old Was Chetana Raj? Age

She was 21 years old.

Is Chetana Raj Married?

No, She was unmarried yet.

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