Who is Chie Filomeno? Is There A Scandal Video Of Chienna & Zeus Collins?

Chie Filomeno:- She is an Actress and she belongs to the Philippines. She is trending on Google and other social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube because news about her and Zeus is viral on Twitter a Scandal video of Zeus & Chie leaked CCTV Footage on Twitter. In this article, we bring brief information about both so if you are interested to watch and also know about Chienna & Zeus Leaked video then read this blog to the end of the page. 

Who is Chie Filomeno?

She is an actress who is best known for Can’t Help Falling in Love (2017), Princess Dayareese (2021), and Crazy Beautiful You (2015). Her real name is Chienna Roseph Filomeno. She is 25 years old now and her birth date is 15 August 1996. She has millions of followers on her Instagram & Twitter accounts. Recently news or video is viral on Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit about her and Zeus Scandal CCTV Footage. Here we give a piece of information about the news that is true or false? So keep reading this blog.

Chie Filomeno & Zeus Leaked Video

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Is There A Scandal Video Of Chienna & Zeus Collins?

Yes, According to the viral news and Twitter video there is a Scandal video found of Chie & Zeus in a car. The video is leaked on Twitter and Youtube. There are too many fans of both who are waiting for the video and also want to watch it online on Youtube. So if you want to watch it then you must visit your Twitter & Youtube and search for Zeus & Chie leaked Video and then you will get it.

Why Chie Filomeno is Trending?

The reason behind her trending searches is her scandal viral video on Twitter. There is news about Chie & Zeus Scandal Leaked CCTV Footage is viral on Twitter & Youtube. So there are too many users who want to watch it so they make a search for her and Zeus on social media and Google. To get more information visit her Instagram page.

Is Chie Filomeno a Chinese?

No, She has Filipina nationality and she is best known as a Filipina model-slash-dancer-slash-actress.

What made Chie Filomeno famous?

Chie Filomeno is a popular Filipino Model, Actress, Dancer, and Social media star. She has also appeared in popular shows and films like Can’t Help Falling in Love, Princess DayaReese, and Love Thy Woman. The television series Maalaala Mo Kaya marked her television debut in 2012.

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