Who Is Anna Moriah Wilson? What Is The Cause Of Death Of Cyclist Athlete?

Anna Moriah Wilson Death: She was an American athlete and she is best known as an American Cyclist. Before she died, the 25-year-old elite cyclist was preparing for another race. She died in May 2022. She was 25 years old and her murder is still a mystery for all his fans. She has too many fans on her social media. Her fans are searching for her death reason on search engines and are also curious about her death. 

Who Is Anna Moriah Wilson?

Anna was an American Athlete and by profession, she was an American Cyclist. She was born in 1997 in the United States. She died in May 2022 at the age of 25. She was part of upcoming cycling racing but she died before the competition. Her murder is still a mystery. On May 14, elite cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson competed in a 157-mile race in Texas after a successful spring racing season. The 25-year-old was reportedly shot dead at a friend’s house in Austin days before the contest.

What Is The Cause Of the Death Of Anna Moriah Wilson?

Her death reason is not confirmed yet. According to news sources, her death was a murder, and who is the killer of Anna is still a mystery. Police investigators are checking out Wilson’s past relationship with the suspect’s boyfriend in order to locate the woman suspected of killing her. The woman is now being sought by US Marshals. In the wake of Wilson’s death, her family mourns their “beautiful daughter and sister,” who excelled as a mountain biker and skier.

Her life was taken away before she could accomplish everything she dreamed about,” her family said. Here are the details we know about Wilson, the reason police believe she was targeted, and her short-lived success in the burgeoning sport of gravel racing.

Anna Moriah Wilson Death

More About Anna Moriah Wilson

She belonged to an athlete’s family. The former skier is now a highly decorated cyclist with a particular focus on “gravel racing,” a relatively new category of cycling that sits in a hybrid middle ground between road cycling and mountain biking. According to the article, Wilson won nearly 10 races this year, including the Shasta Gravel Hugger and Rock Cobbler in California. Last month, she won the 137-mile Belgian Waffle Ride by 25 minutes over the second-place finisher.

Anna Moriah Wilson Murder/Death Date

Wilson was shot multiple times by a gunman on 11th May 2022, according to a court filing in Travis County District Court. Wilson was staying at a friend’s house in Austin prior to the Gravel Locos race in Hico, which began the next day. US Marshals are seeking the arrest of Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, a 34-year-old Austin resident wanted for homicide. The fugitive is now a fugitive from justice. It is alleged that both women were previously in relationships with the same man professional cyclist Colin Strickland and messages and evidence gathered from tipsters suggest jealousy could have been the motive.

During the later hours of that evening, approximately 10 p.m. CT, Austin Police were dispatched to the home, CT, and found Wilson with multiple gunshot wounds. According to a statement made to the Austin American-Statesman, Strickland had a “brief romantic relationship” with Wilson while he was separated from Armstrong in early November 2021.

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