Where is Susan Winters’ Husband Gregory Brent Dennis Now?

What happened to Susan Winters?

Susan Winters was found unresponsive by her husband Gregory Brent Dennis at home after ringing in the New Year in January 2015. Police and authorities believed it was a suicide after some months pointed to cold-blooded murder.

How did Susan Winters die?

He was a psychologist, on 3 January 2015 at around 6:48 am he called 911 to report his wife was found unresponsive in their bed. When police arrived they rushed her to the hospital, but she died sometime in the afternoon.

He said Susan had been fighting the night before she was drinking and she was suicidal and on anti-depressant medication. He claimed that when she was sleeping at around 6 pm he and his daughter went away.

Where is Susan Winters’ Husband Gregory Brent Dennis Now?

Gregory killed Susan for the money and she said him to expose his drug use, the prosecution believed that. According to the police, Susan stopped breathing until he waited after she died then he called 911. In January 2022, Gregory was back in court.

He entered an Alford plea for voluntary manslaughter at the age of 59. In May 2022, a judge sentenced Gregory to serve three to ten years behind bars. At the Southern Desert Correctional Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, he remains incarcerated. In 2025, he will be eligible for parole.

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