When is Diablo Immortal Released?

Blizzard Activision and NetEase have just announced that Diable Immortal, the popular dark fantasy RPG dungeon crawler, will release this summer for iOS and Android mobile platforms as a free-to-play title.

Many Diablo fans have been asking up and down on social media whether or not Diabloe Immortal will be coming to the PC platform, ever since the reveal at the infamous BlizzCon 2018, prompting the big question: Don’t have phones?“, because the series has always been considered a first PC title.

When is Diablo Immortal Released?

It looks like classic Diablo fans around the world won’t have to search for their smartphones to play it after all, as the game will also come with a PC Open Beta Test.

Diablo Immortal

In a blog post made on the Battle.net official site, they mentioned that the decision to release Diablo Immortal as a PC game was a back-and-forth decision between the development team, as they wanted to deliver a game that new players could enjoy, but one that could make happy Diablo classic fans.

They finally decided to make a PC version of the game because the developers thought that people were just going to play the game on their PC via emulation anyway, so why not go the extra mile and make the game fully playable on PC, with cross-play and cross-save progression? A very wise decision, indeed.

Official Trailer Of Diablo Immortal

While the mobile version of Disablo Immortal will take some gameplay and visual liberties from previous Disablo titles, the game will retain a lot of history and lore, as the game will now serve as a crossroads between Diablo II: Resurection and Diablo III. , where Archangel Tyrael is presumed dead and humanity must face the consequences of his actions.

Diablo Immortal’s release date and PC open beta is June 2, 2022. Players can pre-register for both the android and iOS versions right now.

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