What is Locust Plague And Why Should India be Worried – All You Need to Know

What is Locust Plague And Why Should India be Worried – All You Need to Know

Source- The Week

What Are They

Locus is apparently an insect that belongs to the entire kingdom of grasshoppers.

The insects are pretty harmless until and unless they go through chance occurences after which they become more and more abundant.

India, Pakistan and Iran are techically pretty threatened b the entire swarm of locust plague.

If at all they grow in number then they damage the crops. And if coronavirus wasn’t eough staggerig, we now have locusts!

Can They Be Controlled

Among the 4 types of locusts, this year we have desert locusts which are pretty sure to ruin our agricultural economy.

They change colour and grow large in number on meeting a suitable environment.

This is more specific to areas of dampness and heavy rainfall.

With monsoon on its way to India, we are afrad we’d have to deal with another calamity.

Forecasting officers have already warned people about the wrath they can brng with themseleves.

What Has Come Under Its Wrath

Rajasthan is the most affected state and cotton crops are being targeted the most.

It has afected Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai and Gujrat as well and now the major threat is not just COVID-19 but also the plague of locusts which honestly, none of us saw coming.

As mentioned in an article in The Hindu, a swarm of desert locust containing around 40 million locusts can consume (or destroy) food that would suffice the hunger eed of around about 35.,000 people.

If this is’t horrid enough, I can’t process what is.


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