Valter Nassi Death: How did He die? Valter Nassi Cause Of Death, Dies At 76

Valter Nassi Death: How did He die? Valter Nassi Cause Of Death, Dies At 76

Valter Nassi: The man who introduced high-end Italian restaurants to Utah passes away at 76

Michele Corigliano from the salt lake area restaurant association said that Valter Nassi was instrumental in bringing high stands of Italian dining to Utah. He also noted that Valter was one of the most charismatic personalities he had ever met.

Who was Valter Nassi and his life story before fame?

He was born in a small village named San Savino outside the famous city of Florence in Italy. His culinary training was based on the work of his father and mother. Both of them worked as mushroom merchants.

In 1996, he decided to move with his family to the USA. He started working in Il Sansovino, which at that time was a new Italian restaurant, but this restaurant was closed down quite early. It was operational for only about a year. 2003 was a turning point in his career when he opened Cucina Toscana.

His name became a synonym with Cucina Toscana, the Tuscan trattoria. This restaurant became one of the most sought-after places for having high-end authentic Italian food. This place is not the only reason due to which. Nassi became famous, along with this place. His behavior and friendly nature made him a likable personality among those who visited his renowned restaurant.

Why was Valter Nassi considered a Utah legend by many?

Nassi was giving an interview in 2010 where he shared his experience when he first landed at the salt-lake city airport. He instantly fell in love with Utah as many people were holding “welcome home” sign boards for him. He said that he had never experienced such a welcoming environment even though he almost lived in every part of the world.

Nassi was instrumental in setting high standards for Italian food in Salt Lake city as people from Utah and people from other parts of the USA visited his restaurant because of the standards he had set for Italian cuisine in Utah. Even though he is no more in this world, he will always be considered a culinary master and a salt lake city legend due to his amazing work in the restaurant industry.

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