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US, Germany Support India At UNSC During An Anti-India Move By China


The United Nations Security Council has condemned in the most robust language the heinous and cowardly terrorist attack that happened at Pakistan stock exchange building in Karachi. It killed 11 people. But the UNSC’s opinion has surfaced after a delay due to US and Germany’s defiance to sign the draft press statement stated by China.

China’s Statement

China introduced the statement on recently, but Germany stepped up to put a delay in stating the last stage. Moreover, the US intervened also at the last minute. The initiative to delay the statement by the US and Germany is being read as silent solidarity with India. This comes after the Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and PM Imran Khan alleged India for the attack.

UNSC Condemned Attacks In Karachi

The members of the Security Council affirmed that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations forms one of the most serious threats to international peace. Also to security, according to the statement. About four terrorists attacked the Pakistan stock exchange building. About two security guards and one police officer was killed in the attack, along with all the four terrorists. Several people, including three police officials, have been injured, the police said in a statement.

The Baloch Liberation Army claimed the responsibility of the attack.

Suggestions By UNSC

In the statement recently,, the members of the UNSC stated the need to bring perpetrators, organisers, financiers of these acts of terrorism to justice. Also, it urged all states, in reference to their obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions, to cooperate with the Government of Pakistan. And also with all other relevant authorities in this regard.

The members of the Security Council reiterated that any acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, wherever, whenever and by whomsoever committed, it read. They reaffirmed the need for all states to combat by all means, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and other obligations under international law, including international human rights law, international refugee law and international humanitarian law, threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts.


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