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Unrecognizable Adele Praises Beyonce


Recently, Adele shares a photo of her on Instagram in which her impressive figure is showing, and she is praising her friend.

Adele posted a photo of her in which she supported her friend Beyonce’s new visual album ‘Black is king.’ The caption of the picture she posted is appreciating Beyonce.

‘Thank you, queen, call making all of us love through your art which.’ Adele’s recent post caption for Beyonce.

Source:- Yahoo.com

The 32-year-old singer first shows her slim impressive figure in October and Drake’s birthday party. In the recent photo she posted she shows off her curly blonde hair, and on the top, there was Beyonce’s photo.

Adele’s fan got all freaked out after her recent photo and some of the comments were so hilarious, one of the fans commented that it took her 2 mins to recognise her.

Beyonce’s and Adele’s fans say that both noted how supportive both of them have been and also called their friendship powerful. How supportive they’re for each other.

Source:- nypost.com

The musicians first interaction was back in 2011, that year adele told the rolling stones that she met Beyonce for the first time. Adele is seen supporting Beyonce and her music even she forgets to promote her music but she will never forget to promote her music.

Adele also promoted Beyonce’s 2016 album ‘Lemonade’. Also, when Adele won the Grammy in 2017 she dedicates that award too Beyonce and says that she deserves to win this and called herĀ  ‘artist of my life’.

Source:- Entertainment weekly

On Sunday night she shares the photo of her new look, she almost becomes unrecognisable and she shows off seven stone weight loss in which she looks amazing.

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