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Universal Spending $200 million For Sending Tom Cruise In Space.

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Tom Cruise’s upcoming film, is costing $200 million.

Right now, Tom Cruise doesn’t even have a script for the film, which costs $200 million, but he managed to convince the universal for the film that is going to shot in space.

Sources said that the big-budget film signed over a zoom call with Tom Cruise, writer-director Doug Liman, his frequent collaborator Christopher McQuarrie, and producer. This film also has Elon Musk and his firm Space X to be part.

Source:- Nme.com

For this movie, Tom Cruise will be going to space, ‘the real space’. This is a real risk that Universal is a spending this much. Till date Avatar is the most expensive movie which is around $240 million.

Mission Impossible 5,6,7,8 director said that this has a ground control role as a story advisor and producer.

Liman, on the other hand, who worked with the actor on American made and the edge of tomorrow is currently working on writing the script and the plot and adventure of the film. As we all know, Liman’s work is tremendous. Let’s hope for the best of the movie.

Source:- Geekwire

Upcoming Movies Of Tom Cruise

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the shooting of every film stopped. Now slowly, everything is getting back to normal because of the uplifting of lockdown, so the shot of the movies also resumed.

Source:- Inc.com

Tom Cruise also started to resume his shoot for the Mission Impossible 7. Because of the Pandemic, the shooting stopped. According to some sources, the crew who is deciding to blow up a real bridge in Poland. For the action scene, they are choosing to blow up a bridge that was built up in 1909 and decommissioned since 2016.

Because of the continuous effect of coronavirus, the shooting of the film Top Gun: Maverick shifted to December, but now it moves forward to next year, 2021


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