Ukraine Seed Bank Destroyed In Bomb Attack: All Important Samples Burned

Ukraine Seed Bank Destroyed In Bomb Attack: The Ukrainian national seed bank, a repository of genetic diversity, appears to have been destroyed, and the rest of the collection is still at risk. The seed storage and preservation facility in Kharkiv, the eastern and second-largest Ukrainian city, was severely damaged during Russia’s invasion attempt. In a report published on May 16, the Odessa Journal reported that Serhiy Avramenko, head of the Yuriev Plant Production Institute under the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, announced the news on his private YouTube channel.

Ukraine Seed Bank Destroyed In Bomb Attack

In 1908, the vital seed bank that survived World War II was founded. It was nearly destroyed during that war, he said. More than 160 varieties of plant seeds and hybrids of agricultural crops were stored there, including some that no longer exist in Europe; it is one of the largest plant gene banks in the world and is the only one in Ukraine. The samples of seed material had all turned to ashes – tens of thousands! This includes varieties that are centuries old, ancient, and can no longer be restored. Avramenko said everything was destroyed and the Russian shelling damaged the storage areas.

Ukraine Seed Bank Destroyed

There is no indication of how the seed bank was damaged since such sites are usually flood, bomb, and radiation-proof vaults that hold seeds from various plants, the British-based Woodland Trust says on its website.

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