Trump Wants To Expand G7 To Include India

US President Donald Trump wants to expand the group of the world’s seven most advanced economies (G 7). Further, he would like to reform the G 7 group to G 10 or G 11. The G 10 or G11 group would include Australia, India, South Korea, and Russia. Also, he said that the composition of the G 7 group is outdated. President Donald Trump revealed that he was scrubbing G 7 and announced the plan of expanding G 7. The G 7 was planned to be held at Camp David in June.

Trump has revived the decision to host a virtual summit due to the rising number of Coronavirus cases. Further, he decided to hold the meeting in-person. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, bailed out of the conference this week. The other G 7 countries, which include the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, and Japan, also appeared to be lukewarm with the decision of Trump holding the meeting during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Expansion Of G 4

G 7
Source: ITV News

The US President has seized the opportunity to suggest the expansion of the organization. The organization was sharted in the year 1973 as G 4. Till now, the organization has expanded to G 7 since the year 1973. US President Donald Trump is indicating that the group can be further expanded around the time of the UN General Assembly.

Further Need For Expansion

Donald Trump said that the reason before postponing the summit is that the summit does not clearly represent what is actually going on in the world. The G 7 organization is an outdated group of countries.

President Trump is of the opinion that India, South Korea, and Australia should also be made part of the organization. Further, Trump wants Russia also to become part of the organization. However, he does have strong feelings for the Annexation of Russia back in the organization. Barack Obama, the former US President, expelled Russia as a part of the organization back in 2014. Russia was dismissed because of invading China.

Donald Trump
Source: Politico

However, Trump has further said that the expansion of the G 7 organization is unsure because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Also, the electoral season in the US will keep him busy in his election campaign. He said he is uncertain whether the expansion will take place before or after the election. The acknowledgment of the need for expanding G 7 by US President Trump has pleased New Delhi. India made the same argument about the UN Security Council.

President Trump has made his intentions clear concerning China. China’s GDP consists of 15% of the total World’s GDP. It is in the second position just after the US consisting of 24 % GDP. However, Trump made it clear that China will be a subject of G 7 + organization rather than being party to it.

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