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Tom Cruise Has Manipulated His Image Says Leah Remini

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Leah Remini is a former member of the Scientology society. She is now criticizing Tom Cruise’s’ good guy’ image in her recent interview and also told about his divorce with the ex-wife.

Leah Remini’s recent interview with us weekly, she criticized and attacked Tom Cruise and the leader of the Scientology Society of the church.

Leah stated that it’s time for everyone to know the real image of Tom Cruise. The actor is manipulating his vision of the good guy from the last many years.

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She added by saying that Tom used to be a perfect and kind-hearted human, but after a few years when he met the leader of the Scientology Society, David Miscavige, he has changed a lot

According to the American Actress, Tom Cruise is utterly dedicated to the Scientology society. He is on the mission to clear the planet Earth- which means turning 80% of the people into Scientologists.

As the 56-year-old Actress recalling everything, she told that he was involved in making a woman go bankrupt through the church. Reportedly, Tom uses to torture his employees.

Source:- Insider

Tom used to send the integration and the time the hour she spent working for Tom Cruise; she did not get time to raise her family. the woman went bankrupt and then she was punished by the church which led to a loss of her home.

Tom Cruise Leaving Her Wife

Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole got married in 1989, and in 2011 they got divorced the marriage was for 11 years.

Leah told in the interview, that Tom and his former wife Nicole both were in Scientology and Davis the leader of this society used his girlfriend to give sex advice to Nicole.

Source:- Insider.com

Davis used to give a unique counselling session to Tom Cruise and Nicole to bring the wedge between them. And Davis was used to doing this only because Nicole doesn’t want to be the part of the Scientology.

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