Tim Pfleger Death: How did He die? Keyport Fire Department chief Tim Pfleger’s cause of death

Tim Pfleger Death: How did He die?

Tim Pfleger, who was NJ Fire Chief died this weekend after he was hurt in an accident when he traveled from an area fire academy in July, The Bayshore Community of Keyport officials said.

The Keyport Fire Department and Keyport Fire Patrol confirmed his death news on Saturday.

Keyport Fire Department chief Tim Pfleger’s cause of death

Alexander Mabe, who is the vice president of the Keyport Fire Department, in a statement posted to the Keyport Fire Patrol Facebook page, “Chief Pfleger was an amazing firefighter, outstanding chief and above all a genuine loving friend. Anyone who had the honor of meeting him knows that his friends will always be missed”.

Alexander Mabe also said, “Tim was a true leader to the members of Keyport Fire Patrol and was always there to help with anything he could. He will truly be missed and our family will forever mourn his loss”.

Who is Tim Pfleger?

Keyport Fire Department posted on its Facebook page a statement, in 2007, Tim joined the Keyport Fire Department as a cadet and he also joined the Keyport Fire Patrol the following year and where he worked the ranks of lieutenant and captain. He was elected as the third assistant chief of the department in 2019 and where he worked for 2 years as an assistant chief until. In 2022, he was also elected to be the chief.

He was in charge of all five firehouses within the Keyport Fire Department.

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