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TikTok And WeChat To Be Blocked In US From Sunday; Click To Know More!!

TikTok And WeChat To Be Blocked In US From

TikTok And WeChat To Be Blocked In US From
Considering the national security threat TikTok and WeChat will remove from Apple App Store and Google Play store from Sunday night in the US. Unless they reach a last-minute deal with The US administration.

“A coin has two faces” whereas we can say the same thing applies in the case of TikTok. Like many people, because addicted to this application. Moreover, face many problems like injuries and even deaths also. All these urged to take steps to stop these kinds of activities in society. Therefore the government banned TikTok to save people’s lives, but if we see the other aspects like economic aspects, then it also causes the daily loss, Jobs, and market risks in the economy.

TikTok And WeChat

TikTok And WeChat To Be Blocked In US From Sunday

TikTok is a Chinese company. For any company to get big in China, they must tow the Chinese Communist Party, (CCP), line. China’s number one chat service is WeChat. According to Wiki, WeChat has just over 50,000 staff. This is an incredible number for a mere chat service.

According to records, people in China, are very careful what they say, particularly regarding political or military issues. So, it appears that the State monitors WeChat. People have also witnessed that Westerners being unable to conduct business in China unless they have the WeChat app.

Weibo is China’s equivalent of Facebook, as FB is not permitted in China. Neither the country has anything to do with Google (which includes YouTube). But in a strange twist there, the only English-speaking Chinese news network, CCTV, regularly uploads videos to YouTube.

TikTok And WeChat To Be Blocked In US From Sunday

Both of the above, majority-owned by the CCP. And their parent company is “Ten Cent”, which also controls the majority of media, film, and online industries. So, it’s easy to see why Disney, the NBA, and Blizzard Entertainment were quick to self-censor when they thought that they might upset the CCP. So in a very roundabout way to answer on a comparison between both the West’s and China’s net and developments within for years the prediction suggests that if anyone has TikTok, there is the possibility there is an intervention in their personal information. As for data leakage, it’s highly probable they have a backdoor on the accounts.

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