The Tale of King Crab Movie Review & Ratings, Cast, Story & more

A group of elderly Italian men lounge about drinking red wine, eating spaghetti, and swapping local folk tales passed down through their families. One old boy adds that things were different back then; there was no television, so people had to sit around and speak about their evenings (though sitting around talking is exactly what this lot are doing).

He narrates the story of Luciano, a local doctor’s illegitimate son in the nineteenth century. He warns that the story is gloomy.

Though it’s possible that it’s not dark enough. Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zoppis, both first-time feature filmmakers, appear to be striving for a Herzogian waking nightmare here, but the requisite sense of dread and despair never quite comes off.

The Tale of King Crab Movie Review

The Tale Of King Movie Reviews & Ratings

It has good ratings by the officials and according to the IMDB ratings this movie has 6.8/10. 

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Story of The Tale of King Crab Movie

Their film depicts two moments in the life of Luciano, a notorious alcoholic who villagers claim has visited a mental institution. Gabriele Silli, a friend of the directors’ and an artist and painter, plays him for the first time, adding a tortured Nick Cave aspect to the character – as well as a pair of piercing green eyes that are exactly suitable for the part of a loner who might be half-crazed or a visionary.

A local aristocrat has enraged Luciano by shutting a wooden gate that is usually left open to allow shepherds to pass. It’s possible that his rage stems from his love for Emma, the daughter of a shepherd (Maria Alexandra Lungu)

Official Trailer of The Tale Of King Crab Movie

Star Cast of The Tale Of King Crab Movie

  • Gabriele Silli
  • Maria Alexandra Lungu
  • Ercole Colnago
  • Bruno di Giovanni
  • Giovanni Morichelli
  • Renato Sterpa
  • Severino Sperandio
  • Eccelso Cassanelli
  • Claudio Castori

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