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The Smiths Dealing with “Entanglements” and Jokes

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It seems that the 2020 pandemic has not just taken a toll over people’s mental and physical health but also has been a realisation period for the sensational couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. On Jada’s recent confession on a show ‘Red Table Talk’, she stated that she doesn’t know her husband “at all”. The talk show went viral due to Jada’s confrontation with Will. She revealed her moment of weakness with past ‘entanglement’ August Alsina.


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The Bad Boys lead star Will smith seems to be going through a low key, emotional roller coaster ride. The media is busy crucifying Jaden of her extramarital affair. The Smiths are facing each other on the table of marriage, questioning the cause of downfall and still trying to adhere to their love.

The Instagram Joke On’ Entanglement.’

Recently a fan took it to the Instagram where Will Smith has posted a video of himself with a jumping rope. The troublemaker joked on Jada Pinkett’s affair with August Alsina by commenting “okay don’t get entangled”. Will Smith’s response to the joke was funny, but he didn’t seem to appreciate it. He stated to block the person. So mind it, no fun on marriage because it is pious and no matter what, tears don’t lie. Instead, they hint that there is hope and love still exists.

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The Triangle

The triangle of Will, Jada Smith and August swirling in the press makes people ponder over the thought that even 23 years of togetherness and trying to know someone and loving them for who they are can still be tricky. People changing with time is inevitable, but when you are broken, is running away from your relationship to find a different shoulder, is the only solution?

While Jada Smith is trying to acknowledge herself and reignite the ‘friendship’ with Will. Smith, on the other hand, avoids rumour about his separation with Jada Smith owing to the fact he mentioned back in 2006 that “Divorce is not an option with Jada.”

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Dalliance Or Relationship?

Being very much reluctant about confessing her dalliance,   Jada Smith defined it as “entanglement”. On the contrary, Will Smith replied “An entanglement ?*chuckles* A relationship”. It certainly makes it clear that it was an unexpected act for Will while they were on a break. Jada Smith’s recent Facebook post quoting “Will and I BOTH can do WHATEVER we want because we TRUST each other to do so. This does NOT mean we have an open relationship…this means we have a GROWN one” – the statement doesn’t necessarily clear her viewpoint and stance but still ignites a hope in people’s mind that we may see them together soon vanishing the rumour regarding their consensual open relationship.


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