The Logitech Lift Is a Budget-Friendly Vertical Mouse – Overview

Logitech’s MX Vertical ergonomic mouse, which received a 9/10 in our full review, has been on the market for nearly four years. Now, the business is returning with the $70 Logitech Lift, a far more cheap and colorful vertical mouse. There’s also a model for lefties!

The wrist conditions we associate with computer use, particularly carpal tunnel syndrome, are frequently caused by putting pressure on the wrists’ bottoms (over the span of months or years). A vertical mouse solves this problem by forcing your hand into a “handshake” posture on your desk, where the meat of your palm resides.

Overview Of The Logitech Lift’s Vertical Mouse

The new Lift mouse from Logitech places your hand at a 57-degree angle and has a soft rubberized grip for added comfort. The mouse also comes with silent buttons, a smooth scroll wheel, and the ability to pair with up to three devices. You may customize all four of the mouse’s buttons, and you can use Logitech Flow software to use the mouse with several devices at the same time.

Vertical Mouse

The Lift is now somewhat smaller than the MX Vertical, and Logitech claims it’s designed for “small to medium-sized” hands. It also uses AA batteries rather than rechargeable batteries, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While the MX Vertical may last up to four months on a single charge, the Logitech Lift can last up to two years.

Because the Lift is essentially the only vertical mouse of this caliber at this price, Logitech must be doing its homework. The MX Vertical is still $100, and while Anker and Kensington also sell vertical mice for $30, they don’t seem very high-end. The Lift may be the only viable option for people looking for a reasonably priced vertical mouse that feels superior.

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The Lift mouse is currently available for purchase on Logitech’s website. Left-handed variants are exclusively available in graphite, whereas right-handed ones are available in white, graphite, or pink.

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