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The Last of Us PS5 Remake: This is the good news for all fans of The Last of Us the officials of the game have announced the release date of The Last of Us PS5 Remake. It will be released in the half of 2022.

The Last of Us got a remaster at the start of the last console generation; now it’s getting a PS5 remake. That’s right, the iconic game is being rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of Sony’s latest hardware, and the release date may not be too far off. Additionally, we might see a new version of Factions multiplayer debut alongside it. Below we will discuss what we know about The Last of Us PS5 Remakeincluding rumors and leaks.

The Last of Us PS5 Remake Release Date

Although it hasn’t received an official announcement yet, The Last of Us PS5 Remake’s release date probably isn’t too far off. According to Bloomberg, it entered development at Sony Corp Visual Arts Service Group, an in-house support studio, about four years ago. The studio, which has always worked to help other developers complete their titles, wanted to work on a project of its own. He originally wanted to do an Uncharted remake but soon realized it would be too big a project. He then settled on The Last of Us, which he hoped could be released alongside The Last of Us 2 then in development as a bundle for the PS5.

It has since been transferred to its original developer, Naughty Dog, a decision that senior executives at the Visual Arts Service Group found unfair. As such, many of them left the studio. Nonetheless, according to industry insider Tom Henderson, The Last of Us remake was nearly complete by early 2022 and could be released in the second half.

Will Factions multiplayer return?

The Factions mode that was supposed to launch alongside The Last of Us 2 has been significantly delayed and it is said to be a standalone title now. As such, we doubt Naughty Dog will develop a separate Factions mode for The Last of Us PS5 Remake. We’ll likely only see players who own the remake unlock exclusive content in standalone multiplayer.

However, there was a rumor that it “will have the new factions mode”. What exactly this means is subject to interpretation.

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Will there be any plot or gameplay changes?

The big question in many fans’ minds is how far this remake will go. Will it be purely visual or will it change parts of the gameplay? The original PS3 version of The Last of Us and The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 sit at a 95 on Metacritic; how much to pay?

Based on sentiments on social media, most fans want The Last of Us PS5 Remake to update the graphics and include ray tracing, and change the combat to be similar to that found in The Last of Us 2. I found no major appeal for any part of the story to be different.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on how Naughty Dog plans to drastically change The Last of Us on PS5. I think it could go either way from what I know of the company. I could see it following the original very closely with gameplay and graphics improvements (and maybe integrating the Left Behind DLC into the main story), or it could make some big changes and be unrecognizable.

The Last of Us PS5 Remake

Have there been any The Last of Us PS5 remake leaks?

The only reliable leak on The Last of Us PS5 Remake is the Bloomberg report that announced its existence. Naughty Dog and Sony haven’t confirmed it’s in production, and we haven’t seen any video or images of the project. The Last of Us 2 suffered a major leak during development, so the studio likely increased security to avoid a similar situation in the future.

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