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Kathy Wrethman Cause of death? Young girl from Australia who went missing in 1968.

Kathy Wrethman

This is the story of ¬† Kathy Wrethman, Who was abducted by a man in 1968 What happened to Kathy Wrethman in 1968? Kathy was a young girl from Australia who went missing for three days¬† after being kidnapped in 1968 According to Kathy, the kidnapper cut her hair, and all that Kathy could remember … Read more

Yorkshire teenager Cause of Death, The 16 years old age boy falls ill at Leeds Festival and dies


Yorkshire teenager Cause of Death According to the news, the 16 years old teenage boy died after the Leeds Festival, he was ill after the Leeds Festival, The police indicated there is the possibility that he had taken a particular type of ecstasy. After he was ill police come to the festival tent where he … Read more