Dragon Ball Super: New Release Date For Super Hero Reveals Novel

Dragon Ball Super will release a new novel to match the launch of the feature film Dragon Ball Super:

Super Hero is in theaters in Japan, and has adjusted the release date of the new novel thanks to the major shake-ups in the movie! Following Toei Animation’s surprise hack, it was announced that the release of the new Dragon Ball Super feature film would be put on hold indefinitely as it was one of the studio’s major projects that had been impacted. But now the film has officially set a new release date for its launch in Japan later this summer.

About Dragon Ball Super

With Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes Back in the running for a June release in Japan, that means each of the promo materials and other later follow-up releases can finally reschedule their own releases as well.

The film’s novelization was originally supposed to arrive in Japan in late June (which first gave fans an indication of the film’s possible release), but now that the film has set up a release, the new version has officially changed its release date in June. 14th. You can check out the new list below, spotted by @DBSCronicles on Twitter:

Release Date For Super Hero Reveals Novel

The JUMP j Books novel will now be released on “June 14” instead of June 30 as previously announced.

Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes is now officially slated to hit theaters across Japan on June 11, but there’s no word on its official North American release as of yet.

Dragon Ball Super

It was originally slated for an international release this summer before the delay, but Toei Animation has yet to somehow confirm whether or not that international window will hold. As for what to expect when the movie finally comes out, Toei Animation is buzzing about dragon ball supers’ next feature as such:

“In the past, Goku destroyed the evil Red Ribbon Army organization. But their will survived!! Now that they are revived, the RRs create the new androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 and begin their revenge.

Piccolo soon notices this disturbing activity and sneaks into the Red Ribbon base, but there he discovers an unimaginable “ultimate evil weapon”…!! Pan is kidnapped in order to lure Gohan to the base. also, join the fight, and an unprecedented super battle begins!

What do you think? Can’t wait to see dragon ball super the new film and novel is finally on track for an official release? What do you hope to see when they finally launch? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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