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Suicide By Sushant Singh Rajput Leaves An Unforeseen Impact

Sushant Singh Rajput

The death of a successful Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput proved to be a jolt to everybody. While reports of the actor committing suicide after hanging himself surfaced, a number of actors took to social media sharing their condolences.

His Life

The actor started his career with a soap opera called ‘Kis Desh Mai Hair Mera Dil’ and worked all the way up, becoming a Bollywood star. His role in the soap opera ‘Pavitra Rishta’ made him a household name gaining fame. His debut in Kai Po Che (2013) unveiled a side of the acting skills his audience had never seen, with him being assigned several roles in movies thereafter. According to him, the character that pushed him to be the best version of himself was of Mahendra Singh Doni in the cricketer’s biopic. The audience started to believe Sushant Singh Rajput as the most genuine artist in the industry.

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The Impact

People soon had to face the flip side of success one gains in life. Although there is an increasing awareness about mental health in India, the job seems undone. Thousands of people took to their social media sharing how his suicide is a wake-up call for everybody taking their mental health for granted. Requests to share more, listen to each more and to empathise more surfaced all over the internet.

Millions of people vowed to confine themselves in the four walls due to a pandemic. This confinement renders people to have more than a handful of time to think. As normal as thinking seems, the way it spirals out for everybody is subjective. The respect for the individual battle that every person fights with himself seems to be on the rise after this news.

Mental Health
source-Harvard Business Review

The Industry

This is not the first time the star-studded industry has witnessed incidents of suicides during the lockdown. While a few soap opera stars committed suicide due to increasing debt and inability to pay as the shooting is at a halt, Sushant Singh Rajput’s case differed. Success had it all going for him but suicide clearly speaks otherwise. Days earlier, he received the news of his manager committing suicide, which he extended condolences for. The entertainment industry also projects informal nature as similar to other industries.

In today’s world when opportunities seem bleak at times, people often hold back. No matter how much people stance for the duality that depression is, there is enough truth to the statement that every battle with one’s mental health is a battle unknown to the rest of the world. The repercussions of which are only seen when it is too late to empathise, share or listen.

Do not hesitate to seek help and speak up- Suicide helpline number- 022 2754 66690- Aasra


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