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Stormi Webster- The Brand Baby


Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner’s toddler seems to have it all. Apart from being one of the best-dressed kid, she has an entire cosmetic collection in her name. Kylie Jenner, the kylie cosmetics mogul has a billion-dollar beauty empire.

What  A Luxurious Life Even In This Pandemic!

It shall come as no surprise that Stormi has a number of luxury designer pieces. Recently Kylie shared a picture of a daughter with a Louis Vuitton speed bag. The bag cost around $1180. Kylie Jenner on the valentine’s day took to Instagram for sharing Stormi with a gift from father travel cot.



Stormi wore a red dress and carried a bright pink mini handbag by Jacques. Stormi had received another luxury handbag from DJ Khaled, on her birthday. It was a red pint-sized Chanel bag. Kylie on an earlier date shares a picture of Stormi holding her bright pink Hermes Kelly handbag. Her caption was, “she won’t let go of that purse.” Probably this is where we can see Stormi’s obsession with a handbag.

Kardashians and Lavish Lifestyle

Kim Kardashian on her trip back from Japan bought luxury handbags for ‘all the little girls of the family.’ Those were the Louis Vuitton monogram handbags that she bought as Christmas presents in 2019. Mother kylie had posted a YouTube video where she revealed that she had been saving a few of her designer handbags for her daughter. What a luxurious life to lead !!!

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