Sonu Sood Airlifts 177 Odia Girls From Kerala

On Friday, Actor Sonu Sood rescued 117 girls from Kerala and helped them reaching Orissa. The Actor assisted in rescuing the girls from Kerala by an airlift. The girls were in Kerala due to the nationwide lockdown caused due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Actor Sood came to know about the girls from a close friend in Bhubaneshwar. After Sood came to know about the girls locked in Kerala, he decided to rescue the girls from Kerala.

Sonu Sood
Source: DNA India

Subsequently, the Sonu Sood started trying to take the relevant permissions from the relevant authorities for rescuing the girls. After which the Government opened the Kocchi and Bhubaneshwar airport. He asked for brining a particular airplane from Bengaluru for lifting these 177 girls from Kerala. The girls will be taken to the Bhubaneshwar, after which they will be able to meet their families.

The duration of the flight between the Kocchi and Bhubaneshwar is 2 hours. After reaching Bhubaneshwar, the girls brought from Kerala will be able to meet their families. Amar Patnaik, Rajya Sabha MP tweeted that the works of Sonu Sood are ‘noble efforts.’ The effort made by Mr. Sood is commendable, he added. The initiative taken by him is incredible.

Ghar Bhejo Initiative

The Actor Sonu Sood also helped in facilitating several buses in Mumbai, which helped rescue the Migrant workers. Also, he became part of the ‘Ghar Bhejo’ initiative. The nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused inconvenience to the millions of Migrant workers. He helped in transferring the thousands of workers to the far-reaching states Uttarakhand.

Migrant Workers
Source: The Hindu

The Actor Sonu Sood has released a too-free helpline number also. Also, the migrant workers stuck in the nationwide lockdown can reach their native states. And the workers can ask for help with the help of this helpline number.


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