Sonic Origins Release Date & More

Sonic Origins Release Date:- it is the most popular game and it was released on 1st November 2011. To get more details read this blog to the end of the page.

sound origins, the Sonic the Hedgehog collection of games featuring four different titles, now has a release date. SEGA announced this week that Sound origins will be released on June 23, a fitting release plan considering that date marks the 31st anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Along with the news of this release date, SEGA has also shared additional information regarding the different editions of the game that will be released along with their contents.

Sonic Origins Release Date

For those who followed Sound origins news, this release date announcement should come as no surprise. The game got a rating not long ago, and after that, artwork from Sound origins was spotted on PlayStation’s online platform. All of this suggested that we would soon have a release date announcement, and as of Tuesday, that’s exactly what happened.

Sonic Origins

The release date announcement was accompanied by the trailer below which showed off the various games that will be featured in Sound origins. These include Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles, and CD Sonic the Hedgehog with each of these games featuring remastered visuals as well as additional modes and more new content.

For those who are planning to go for the base version of the collection, you will be able to get Sound origins for $39.99 when it releases in June. There is a luxury digital option too, as well as a pre-order bonus and an optional sound pack. You will find below the details of these different options as well as their content and prices.

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Sound origins – Digital pre-order bonus

  • A bonus of 100 medallions
  • mirror mode unlocked
  • Mailbox (Mega Drive model)

Sonic Origins – Digital Deluxe – $44.99

  • main game
  • Added challenging missions
  • Letterbox
  • Characters in the main menu
  • Island Camera in Main Menu
  • Animation of characters in music playback
  • Exclusive tracks from Mega Drive titles

Sound origins – Premium and classic sound packs – $3.99

  • Exclusive tracks from Mega Drive titles

For those who can’t wait for June for more Sonic, sonic the hedgehog 2 is still in theaters and continues to perform well against even more recent releases over the past few weeks. You can check out our review of the new movie here before you visit.

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