Sonia Gandhi Launches ‘Speak Up India’ Campaign, Asks Govt. To Pay ₹7,500 For Six Months To Poor Families

Congress President Sonia Gandhi asked the Government to transfer ₹ 7500  to every migrant worker for the next six months. Further, she asked to immediately move a sum of ₹ 10000 as relief sum of to all the low-income families. This relief to the migrant workers will help them to tide over the difficulties that arose during the lockdown. Further, she has launched the ‘Speak Up India’ campaign on various social media platforms.

She asked the Government to provide free transportation for migrant workers and ration as well. Further, the Government should employ for 200 days under MGNREGA to the migrant workers in the villages where they had returned. Opening the lock of the treasury is the need of the hour for providing relief to the poor.

Source: The Hindu

She tweeted that since the Independence of India in the year 1947, such large scale migration has never taken place. Due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, a massive proportion of migrant workers are forced to walk thousands of kilometers without any food, water or medicines.

Crores are losing their jobs, lakhs of businesses came to a standstill, and farmers are running to sell their produce. Sonia Gandi further alleged, the whole country is feeling plain, but the Government does not have any idea about it. Also, she urged other political leaders as well to put pressure on the Government for direct cash transfer.

Appeal By The Leaders

Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma tweeted, the images of this struggle to stay alive shall forever remain a painful scar on the soul of the nation. India has failed to understand the misery of these poor migrant workers. The struggle of these poor migrant workers for food, water, and medicines is no less than any humanitarian tragedy.

P. Chidambaram, the Former Finance Minister of India, also appealed to the Government through a video clip that the needy families in India should be given a relief ₹ 10000 in the form of direct cash transfer. A massive proportion of migrant workers are walking back to their homes for thousands of kilometers, he added. Further, the Shramik Trains are running late ad the workers are striving for food and water. The poor migrant workers are not even able to afford the train tickets for going back to the home. And the ‘Modi Fund’ released only 1000 cr. for the migrant workers.

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