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Smriti Irani Denies Domestic Violence Increase During Lockdown


Smriti Irani, Union Minister, denied the increase of domestic violence cases during the nationwide lockdown. In response to the question, she said, it is false that the number of cases is increasing. A question was asked to her that the instances of domestic violence are rising during the lockdown. And women are even not able to lodge the complaints of these domestic violence cases.

Smriti Irani
Source: The Wire

In response, she said that it is false. Because every state’s police are functioning appropriately. And the Ministry has established the stop crises centres in each district.

She further said we had rescued various victims of domestic violence across the states without revealing their identities. Also, the Ministry has all the details of all the rescue rehabilitation individuals district wise. Also, she said that some NGOs had spread the rumour that 80% of Indian women are suffering from domestic violence. Further, every man in India is not beating her wife.

The Police lines have worked appropriately throughout the nationwide lockdown. Also, stop crises centres in every district are functional. Smriti Irani further said that the rescue teams are not only working for protecting the women but also children as well.

Also, the Ministry has informed that there are 35 helpline numbers active all the states which are functional now. Apart from the all 35 function helpline numbers, the Ministry for Women and Child Development issued a Central helpline number.


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