Shayma Roman Dies at age 17, Victim Shayma Roma's Cause of death

Shayma Roman Dies at age 17, Victim Shayma Roma’s Cause of death

Shayma Roman Dies at the age of 17

Shayma Roman was 17 years old person who died due to a shot. This incident happened in Crown Heights, outside of the building near 1225 Eastern Parkway. Police are very active in this case and they are searces for killers not only in Brooklyn but also in nearby places.

According to the police 2 person walked up that time a people group stayed near that building and the killer fires a round of Shots.

Victim Shayma Roma’s Cause of death

According to the police Roman’s Brother said he feels that his younger sister appeared last time near his grandmother’s building, He said to CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge.

Added with… “I seen them sitting right in front of the house, 20, 30 minutes before, and the I get home, watching the TV and I get a call that she was shot,”

Roman brother said She went there cause she want to talk to her elder sister.
“My older sister, Thyma, was sitting outside. Shayma went outside to go talk to Thyma … and, that’s when it happened. She saw it happen,”

Her stepfather said..,
Ask God for strength. That’s all we can do right now,

According to police, the killer shot her chest and when the victim reaches Brookdale Hospital, she was already dead.

Add this, She was not the main target, the real target is someone else. She was innocent. She never had a criminal record she is a simple person.

Her aunt told the police she directly went to the grandmother after her school.

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