Shadowrun Trilogy Release Date, Coming This June To PS5 & PS4

the Shadowrun Trilogy: Console Edition sees the return of the classic shadow run titles after the project was fully funded on Kickstarter in less than two days.

Shadowrun Trilogy Release Date

It’ll launch it to come June 21, 2022, for both PS5 and ps4, publisher revealed Interactive Paradox and developer Wacky schemes. The announcement also comes with a brand new trailer, showcasing gameplay from the critically acclaimed RPGs.

Shadowrun Trilogy Official Trailer

For fans of those old-school, narrative-heavy cyberpunk RPGs, this is a very exciting announcement. The collection will include Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition, and Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut.

the shadow run is famous for its deep storytelling and tactical turn-based combat, blended with a rich sci-fi setting and player choice.

Shadowrun Trilogy

You can pre-order the collection now, with a 25% discount.

This is the first time these games will come to consoles, as they were previously only available on PC and mobile platforms.

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