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SC Seeks Justification From Delhi Govt. Over COVID Situation



Reports of the conditions of hospitals and disposal of bodies in four states, namely Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal were submitted to the Supreme Court recently. The court took suo motu cognizance of these reports. And the court has lashed out the state government on ignoring the dignity of patients. Bodies of patients being dumped in the garbage vans and being mistreated in the hospitals have made covid situation quite grim in the last few weeks.

Delhi’s Situation

The reduced rate of testing for COVID-19 in Delhi has the court worried. The numbers have been reduced by 2000 tests. While every state government and local administration is encouraging people getting tested in order to quarantine positive cases, the shambolic situation in the capital is a bad example. Delhi with 34687 active cases, should micro-manage hospitals to ensure steady recovery.

Covid Scenario In Other States

The abandoning of bodies by their loved ones in the hospital has been rampant. This calls for a uniform procedure of disposal by the medical workers. Cases of harassment by medical workers are on the rise, with people desperately searching for vacant beds. A video went viral of medical workers dumping a man’s body into a pit which eventually sparked outrage. With the highest number of active cases, hospitals in Maharashtra face a shortage of beds and medical equipment. A patient being tied to his bed in a hospital in Madhya Pradesh epitomises how unprepared and reckless medical care centres are. Delhi ranks third in the list of most active cases in India and needs effective control.

Centre’s Take

The Union Health Ministry passed guidelines regarding the number of tests to be conducted with the ratio of active cases in the states. The guidelines also involve cautions to be taken while disposing of bodies of Covid patients. The centre believes to die with dignity is an intrinsic principle under the Indian Constitution. The people responsible for the duty should oversee that. By taking Suo Motu cognizance of certain matters, Supreme Court intervenes in order to ensure social justice and also acts as a watchdog for irresponsible administration.


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