Sanjay Anand: A senior PTI journalist, has died in Delhi

Sanjay Anand: A senior PTI journalist, has died in Delhi

PTI senior journalist Sanjay Anand died on Friday following a brain tumor diagnosis six months ago. He was 59 years old.

In addition to his wife Anita Anand, he is survived by his sons Vidur and Vyas.

PTI (Press Trust of India) has been Anand’s employer for over a decade.

Before joining UNI, he worked for the Times of India, the Financial Express, and the Financial Express.

 What was the cause of death for Sanjay Anand?

 Various reports or sources claim that senior PTI journalist “Sanjay Anand” was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which caused his death. Despite his many internal-health organs being damaged, the medical team constantly proved that the best treatments were available to help him recover quickly. But unfortunately, after several unsuccessful attempts to save his life, his health stopped working as a result of the treatment, resulting in his untimely death.

 Who Was Sanjay Anand?

 Accordingly, Sanjay Anand served the companies he was associated with to the best of his ability. As a result, many considered him their idol due to his well-known work. 

The fact that he had done a lot for mankind is why the uncounted reactions began hitting the headlines when his passing became known on social networking websites. Due to his health’s ups and downs throughout the six months of the diagnosis, he received the treatment, but sadly, the treatment did not work.

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