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Sanctions Issued By USA Are Deeply Condemned- ICC


Another order from the White House is set to attack an international institution. With relevance to an investigation by the International Criminal Court of Justice, US administration issued sanctions against the ICC officials.


The Bone of Contention

The ICC recently dwelled into an investigation about possible war crimes in Afghanistan by American Security personnel. After reports suggesting alleged war crimes by Taliban and unconventional stances by the American Army in the region, ICC began investigating some security personnel. Terming ICC as a ‘kangaroo court’, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the investigation was an ‘ideological crusade’ against security personnel serving in Afghanistan.

The sanctions imposed may to travel within the USA and also possession of property and business.

ICC’s Take On The Matter

The International Criminal Court of Justice has called the matter another attempt at deteriorating the dignity of the court. It says this is not the first time the USA has tried to interfere in the usual judicial proceedings. The disregard for the staff of a respected International institution is really uncalled for and shows a will to hinder law and order. The court feels it is under regular functions of the court to assist Afghanistan in order to reduce atrocities. It is an effort to ignore atrocities to the Afghani people, say the officials of the court.



Israel has congratulated Prez Donald Trump on imposing sanctions against the staff of ICC. While everything related to this seems in the direction of diplomacy, ICC has condemned the actions by the USA. Officials from the USA have accorded statements about how the official investigation launched is an attempt at changing world political dynamics against the country. USA diplomats have made an attempt to challenge the jurisdiction of the court. ICC responded by saying that Afghanistan, Lithuania, Poland and Romania are state parties to the Rome Statute and reports of atrocities in these countries shall fall under the jurisdiction of ICC.

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