Samsung One UI 5 Features, Release Date & Compatible Devices

Samsung sells many different smartphones at many different price points, but the models all have one thing in common: the company’s One UI software.

Each Android phone manufacturer creates its own “skin” which it overlays on Android. This means that each brand has a unique look and feel to their software, allowing them to add features and design quirks that help differentiate themselves.

As one of the most popular Android brands in the world, Samsung is truly a tastemaker with its One UI software. Currently, on version 4.1, we expect One UI 5 to launch alongside Samsung’s version of Android 13.

Samsung One UI 5 Release Date

Google, the maker of Android, usually releases the latest version of Android every year in the second half of the year, with its Pixel phones getting the release first.

But Samsung is never far behind, and you can bet the company has been working on One UI 5 for quite some time.

Here’s what we know so far about One UI 5, what its features might be and when you can expect to be able to download it if you already own a Samsung phone or are planning to get one.

When will OneUI 5 be released?

UI releases tend to depend on when Google prepares its own version of Android for a stable release. Samsung offers a beta program for enthusiastic customers who want to try out the new software version early before it officially rolls out to compatible devices.

In 2021, Android 12 wasn’t ready for Pixel phones until October, meaning Samsung couldn’t release its One UI 4 beta until September.

But according to Sammobile, the One UI 5 2022 public beta could be ready as early as July. This means that if you have a relatively new Samsung phone, like an S22 or S21 series model, you’ll be able to test out the new software sooner.

But beta software can be buggy because it exists to test bugs! If you test it, prepare to be frustrated. For most people, it’s best to wait for Samsung to release an official stable build.

The actual One UI 5 release date is more likely to be around September or October, when an official software update will be released to Galaxy S, A, Flip and Fold phones, around the time of launch. Android 13 for Pixel phones.

Google typically drops its public beta for Pixels in May, to coincide with the company’s I/O conference – although the developer preview for Android 13 has been available since February.

Samsung might release One UI 5 with its new Fold 4 and Flip 4 devices, which we expect around August 2022. But the company actually launched the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 in August 2021 with Android 11 and One UI 3.1 before releasing. push the Android 12 update later in the year.

What features will One UI 5 have?

We’re still a long way from One UI 5 – One UI 4.1 only recently rolled out to Samsung phones. It brought incremental improvements over 4.0, especially on the imaging side with updates to Samsung’s photo and video editor and Gallery app.

Version 4.0 was more substantial, bringing Android 12 color palette options based on the wallpaper, Samsung icon theme, and granular privacy controls that all phones with Android 12 get.

One UI 5.0 will bring Android 13 to Samsung phones along with rumored new features that Google will bring to the latest version, which Samsung may choose to include on their phone.

These include a universal photo picker UI for sharing photos with an app, the ability to use client tiles for quick settings, and new notification permissions for those who really like to control pings on an in-depth level. .

One of the best visual updates will be if One UI 5 allows theming for all apps. In Android 12 and One UI 4, only Google and Samsung apps can adopt colors chosen as part of the release’s Material You theme feature. This means that third-party apps don’t change color, so developers are encouraged to provide monochrome app icons with their latest app submissions to ensure Android 13 can theme as many apps as possible.

If these are major new updates, One UI 5 will be a more incremental update than with One UI 4 and Android 12, given that Android 12 was a big change to the look of Android and brought a host of new features.

One UI 5 will also likely see Samsung make some visual changes to the interface to modernize it and make people feel fresh.

Which phones will get One UI 5?

Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed which of its handsets will be updated to One UI 5, but the good news is that it’s likely coming to a lot of them, especially if they’re released in 2020 or later.

While its cheaper A-series phones might not see it, phones like the Galaxy S20 and later S-series are expected to get Android 13 and One UI 5.

But that’s the end of the line for 2019’s Galaxy S10, which launched with Android 9 Pie. It was promised three version updates, so it will remain on Android 12.

Samsung has since confirmed that many of its devices from 2020 and later will receive four Android version updates, including all of its S20, S21, and S22 phones. The S10 Lite could also be spotted as it was released much later than the original S10 phones.

You should also expect every Z Flip model to see One UI 5, as well as the Z Fold 2 and Z Fold 3.

The 2020 Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will also get the update, along with the Note 10 Lite released around the same time.

Galaxy A series phones released in the past two years are also expected to see Android 13 and One UI, including the A73, A53, A33, A52, and A52. Even cheaper models like the A32 and A12 will probably take it too.

We’ll update this page as we hear more news about One UI 5, so be sure to check back for the latest.

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