When will Salt and Sacrifice be Released?

Salt and Sacrifice:- It is an upcoming video game and it will be released in May 2023. There is no exact information available about the release date of Salt and Sacrifice. 

Will Salt and Sacrifice be coming to Steam? The souls-like action RPG, which follows 2016’s Salt and Sanctuary, was released on May 10 on PC, PS4, and PS5. However, the game launched as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. This has many fans of the original unhappy as they want to own both games on Steam. So, When will Salt and Sacrifice be released on Steam? And will he come at all? Here’s what we know.

Salt and Sacrifice Release Date

The short answer is no – we don’t know when and if it will be released on Steam. Unlike the original title, the game is not currently available there and the developer, Ska Studios, has not revealed any details about its future release plans. If we look at some previous exclusive offers from Epic Games, we don’t see any rules.

Salt and Sacrifice

It hasn’t even been confirmed if this is a temporary or permanent exclusion. With the biggest developers and publishers, Epic Games has usually entered into a timed exclusivity agreement, which lasts between 3 and 18 months. However, many smaller developers who need funds to survive often strike a different deal with Epic. Sometimes that means permanent exclusivity, never releasing the game on Steam. The fact that Salt and Sacrifice doesn’t even have its own Steam page indicates that might be the case here.

Thereby, for now, we’re inclined to believe that Salt and Sacrifice won’t be released on Steam. Certainly not any time soon. If the game were to launch on Valve’s platform, it probably wouldn’t be until May 2023 at the earliest. And it is not confirmed, only our hypothesis. For this reason, if you’re excited about the game, there’s no point in waiting for Steam to release.

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