RHOBH- Denise Richard’s Emotional Turmoil On Her Marraige After Brandi Glanville’s Bold Claim Revealed By Teddy Mellencamp

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ( RHOBH)- Is the American reality Tv show focusing on the personal and professional lives of several women residing in Beverly Hills, California. Recently, Denise Richard had dropped the bomb claiming that Brandi Glanville had slept with someone in the group.

The reality star got involved in a heated conversation with Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave in a preview for RHOBH.  Denise told that Brandi had enjoyed a sexual relationship with people in the group.

Denise Richard, Teddi Mellencamp
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What  Conversation Exactly Led To Danise Shed Tears Of Regret?

Teddi claimed in the teaser: “I don’t know Brandi Glanville very well. I don’t know you well, either.”

To which Denise replied: “I will tell you, Brandi said that she’s had sex with some of the people from this group.” This brought Kyle Richards into the conversation as she was shocked to hear the revelation. She asks: “Someone at this table right now?” Denise replied “Yes.

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Spicing Things Up!

As the conversation became spiced up, Teddi decided to announce: “Denise, I’m not going to torture you any longer. She said ‘you two had sex’. Denise laughed off the claim before denying that she’d had an affair with Brandi.

Kyle then interjected to suggest that Brandi had said Denise had told her that she and her husband have an “understanding … about being open.” Also, Garcelle defended Denise, saying: “If Brandi and Denise did sleep together, she doesn’t have to tell these ladies, that’s her business. I want to get to the bottom of it, though.”

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The Climax – Bomb And It’s Over

 Besides this a week later after Brandi Glanville stated that she had sex with Denise RichardsTeddi Mellencamp had awkwardly shared that compassionate information with the Wild Things star while they were in Italy. Denise Richards bewailed after the ladies confronted her regarding Brandi Glanville’s liaison claim

Awaiting For What’s Next

Concluding the scenario,  it seems to be a drama to avoid the conflict on what’s going in the house. But walls have ears too. What do you think would come next? What will be the next move of Denise Richard?. Furthermore, the show will spill over as the women turn the table and take sides over the ongoing conflict. New episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills coming soon.



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