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After testing the Maxfli Tour X golf ball and learning a little about Maxfli’s history as a golf ball company, it’s time to move on to Maxfli’s other premium golf ball, the Maxfli Tour. Without delving too far into the subject of golf ball nomenclature, it’s pretty much common these days for manufacturers to provide two premium golf balls, one of which is a conventional model and the other, for lack of a better term, a “X” model.

Often, the gap in performance between the models isn’t as significant as it appears. That is not the case with the two Maxfli premium golf balls, as my testing revealed that the Tour and Tour X are totally distinct animals.

In the short game, the Maxfli Tour golf ball provided remarkable spin and greenside control.

Review Maxfli Tour Golf Ball Price

Maxfli Tour Golf Ball Review

I’ll start with the Maxfli Tour’s construction, which is a three-piece golf ball vs the four-piece Tour X. The Tour also features a slightly larger core for enhanced energy transfer and speed on full shots, as well as a cast urethane cover for a soft feel and maximum greenside spin. The Maxfli Tour was at its most impressive on and around the greens.

Nothing caused more spin or had a softer feel than the Maxfli Tour when compared to the Tour X and a few other premium balls (Pro V1, Pro V1x, and TP5x) that I played it against. It was just outstanding in that sense, and I felt as if I could control the golf ball in any situation and from any type of lie when playing chip shots, pitch shots, and full or half wedge shots. It also felt great off the putter, and the alignment help on the side of the ball was a significant plus for me.

On the other hand, the Maxfli Tour was typically roughly 10 yards shorter off the tee and a half to a full club shorter on full iron shots when compared to the balls I tested it against. I can’t be sure because I didn’t have a launch monitor with me during testing, but as a seasoned golfer, I’m confident in attributing such differences to the Maxfli Tour being on the top end of the spin spectrum among premium golf balls.

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