Release Date Of Fortnite x Street Fighter Blanka and Sakura skins With Tournaments

Release Date Of Fortnite x Street Fighter: The officials of the Fortnite x Street Fighter have announced the official release date and it will be released on 29th April 2022.

Two more fighters from Street Fighter’s iconic roster are heading to Fortnite, and players will have the chance to fight for Sakura and Blanks cosmetics in two upcoming tournaments.

In February 2021, the first two Street Fighter characters debuted in Fortnite. Ryu and Chun-Li are arguably the most iconic fighters in the Street Fighter series.

As such, their debut was a hit with many players preferring Chun-Li’s smaller visual design over Ryu’s bulky muscular build. While it’s a bit odd to see them holding guns, they fit right into the world of Fortnite.

Now two more Street Fighter legends join the fight. Introducing beast Blanka and martial arts expert Sakura.

Fortnite x Street Fighter

Cosmetics Of Sakura and Blanka FortniteĀ 

Blanka is a green beast-man who has been part of Street Fighter since its inception. As such, there are plenty of cosmetics coming to Fortnite,

The Blanka outfit will come in two styles: Normal Blanka and Blanka Delgado. It also has a built-in Backflip emote. Additionally, players can purchase their Tropical Hazard Kebab pickaxe.

Sakura is also a long-time character in the franchise. She will also come in two styles and has the built-in Sakura’s Victory Sway emote.

Players can also purchase his Fighting Tournament Trophy Pickaxe and Kayari Buta Glider.

Fortnite x Street Fighter Release Date

The Sakura and Blanka sets will be in the Item Shop on Thursday, April 29 to 8 PM EST. They will be in the Item Shop and can be purchased with V-Bucks.

Tournamanets Blanka and Sakura Cup

There are two separate tournaments Blanks and Sakura where players have the opportunity to compete for early access to cosmetics. Usually, there is only one tournament for crossovers like this, but the Blanka and Sakura Cup features a mobile-only tournament.

The Mobile-Only Cup will take place on Wednesday, April 27and will only be available for Android users.

The second tournament will take place on all platforms on April 28. The top teams from both tournaments will win the Bonus stage loading screen.

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