Rayyan Yaser Suleiman Die, Palestinian boy dies at age 7 chasing by Israeli forces

Rayyan Yaser Suleiman Die, Obituary, Cause of Death

Rayyan Yaser Suleiman was a 7-year-old Palestinian young boy who died when the Israeli Army chased him. According to Hospital Beit Jala, Boy was died because of falling from the Height.

The Palestinian 7 years old died when he was followed by Israeli soldiers in Bethlehem’s nearby village. He was run in front of the army and from the big height he fell and he died. This statement said by Hospital.

Palestinian boy dies at age 7 chasing by Israeli forces

His father said. Rayyan was very scared when he was chased by the Israeli Army. And when force came to near him he was that much scared that his heart was stopped, after that, his father tried so much that anyhow he reach to the hospital to save his child life, But when he started his car engine, the force was stopped him and never permitted to go. But after they confirmed that the child was dead then they were giving the permission to child’s father. When he reached the hospital to for trying to revive his child stop heart, the hospital failed. This news came from yesterday.

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