Quarantined Migrants In Bihar Given Condoms, Contraceptives

The Government of Bihar is distributing Condoms and Contraceptives to Migrant Workers. The Condoms were distributed after the workers were put in 14 days mandatory quarantine period. The BSHS (Bihar State Health Society) has launched the program for raising awareness amongst the people for family planning. Also, they promoted the importance of family planning in the densely populated state of Bihar.

The BSHS official said we distributed the condoms at the time of discharging the laborers from the Quarantine Centres. Also, Health workers gave them advice associated with Family Planning. Subsequently, the health workers distributed the Pregnancy kits as well. However, the health workers distributed these items in the district of Saran, Rohtas, Gopalgunj, Jamui, Samastipur, and East Champaran.

Bihar Government distributing Condoms
Source: Odisha Times

Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) & Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) healthcare workers also helped in distributing these items. They also conducted a door-to-door screening survey. Utpal Das, BSHS said that distributing contraceptives is an excellent initiative for controlling the population as a lot of people are returning to their homes after a long period.

Approximately, these health workers have distributed 20, 000 packets of condom in the Gopalgan District. Further, the health workers are going to distribute them to the remaining migrant workers currently quarantined under the COVID 19 Centres.

The Government is making it mandatory for the Migrant Workers to take the pledge that they will not go out of the house unnecessarily to maintain the social-distancing. However, some of the Migrant workers are not happy with the initiative of the Government. Because they are considering the distribution of condoms as the return gift of the lack of facilities provided by the Government in Quarantine centers.


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