Pranitha Subhash Marriage with Nitin Raju – Actrees Pranita Subhash Simple Wedding

Lockdown has a lot of big names venturing into married life. As of late, Jyoti Chandan Kumar and Kavita Gowda of Laxmibarama acclaim were in the information. Kannada entertainer Pranitha Subhash has additionally begun her life. Indeed, Pranitha Subhash is getting hooked in a private service in Bangalore. Pranitha is hitched to Nitin Raju, a Bangalore-based financial specialist. Entertainer Pranitha Subhash is getting hitched Annoy news has been flowing for a few days

Film actress Pranita Subhash has been hitched in basic mystery in the midst of a lock-down of Corona disease. They were taken by their long-term sweetheart Nitin Raj yesterday at their home on the edges of the city.

Just dear companions and close relatives went to the wedding service.

I and Nitin Raju were recognizable for a long time. Presentation We have been hitched with the assent of the family. Media reports that Pranita reacted by saying that she was hitched to Kovid’s manners basically in light of the fact that, all along, I needed to get hitched in private.

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