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Plasma Therapy On Covid Patients Successful In Punjab, Haryana


A patient underwent convalescent plasma therapy in Punjab after being declared ‘critical’ due to Covid019. The treatment has been reported successful as the patient is making progress in recovery, and the condition seems stable.  Guru Gobind Singh Hospital in Faridkot, Punjab conducted this clinical treatment as a part of clinical trials approved by the Central government.

What Is Plasma Therapy?

Plasma is the largest component of the blood, that transports other water, salts and enzymes. Plasma therapy is used in treating critical diseases as the bearing of bacteria and virus can be brought into control. In the case of Covid patients, recovered patients are requested to donate their plasma for research and trials. This plasma is transfused into the plasma of a critically ill patient. The antibodies turned immune to virus in the plasma help in recovery. Due to a spike in the recovery of patients doctors worldwide have often referred plasma to ‘gift of life’. Although forgotten as an essential component, it has helped the recovery in various chronic diseases around the world.


Clinical Trials In India

Right before the record of cases hit 2 lakh in the country, Centre gave a green signal to undertake clinical trials. The ICMR vowed to run plasma therapy tests in 21 hospitals across India, which were well equipped for these tests. The tests were approved to be provided to about 452 critical patients, with their necessary consent.

Various trials for plasma therapy have brought fruits of success, and of hope. Patients in Maharashtra- Mumbai, Kolhapur, Pune and in Haryana and Punjab have shown considerable progress. Undertaking the world’s largest plasma clinical trial, Government Medical Hospital of Nagpur, Maharashtra will transfuse healthy plasma into the plasma of about 500 critical corona patients.

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Speculations About The Therapy

Plasma therapy soon emerged as a buzz word to provide immediate relief to critical patients. Brilliant minds came together and requested the centre to welcome research and trials related to plasma transfusion. Although it has shown considerable success, experts view it as only at a trial stage. It is too soon to consider it a consummate alternative to the vaccine, say HODs from acclaimed medical universities. If the trial in Nagpur is largely successful, then only will the Centre allow more treatment through the method, officials say.


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