PLA Holds ‘Infiltration Drills’ In Tibet Amid Border Stand-Off

The Official Media of China reported that the Chinese Military had held Infiltration Drills in the night behind the borders. The exercise was carried out on the Chinese side of the border. Further, China is conducting military activities in light of the rising border tensions with India. Also, the border tensions between India and China is continuously rising at the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Source: The Hindu

Global Times, run by the communist party, said that China is sending soldiers to high altitudes. PLA Tibet Military Command has sent the soldiers to the elevations of height 4, 700 meters for conducting the Infiltration Drills. Further, the purpose behind this is to test their abilities to fight in a harsh environment.

Rising Border Tensions

India and China share borders in high altitudes areas. Also, India and China are facing constant stand-offs in the border area recently. Subsequently, both countries started deploying more and more troops in the border area.

Rajnath Singh
Source: Wiki Bio

Rajnath Singh, Defence Minister of India for the first time, acknowledged that China is moving a considerable number of soldiers to the border area. He further said on Tuesday that both the countries are going to hold talks from June 6 to peacefully resolve the border tensions at Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The counties have deployed militaries at least four significant locations along the LAC.   The countries deployed soldiers mainly in the regions of Ladakh and Sikkim. Further, the states started deployments because of the inconclusive talks held at Major General Level. However, the present stand-off between India and China is different from the violent Dokhlam dispute. Three years ago, in 2017, China conducted the same Infiltration Drills exercises behind the Chinese side of the border.

Infiltrating behind enemy lines and launching an attack at a hostile command center at night can effectively win a small-scale conflict with only one battle, said a retired PLA.



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