Palestinian accused of killing 84-year-old Israeli woman Shlomit Nvidia committed suicide

Palestinian accused of killing 84-year-old Israeli woman Shlomit Nvidia committed suicide

The Palestinian suspect suspected of beating to death an 84-year-old Jewish Israeli woman committed suicide.

In a terror attack, Mousa Sarsour, 28, from Qalqilya, allegedly killed Shulamit Rachel Ovadia and then committed suicide. Sarsour was found hanged in an abandoned building in Tel Aviv Wednesday morning. According to Bublil, Sarsour was stopped by the police, but after showing his valid permit to work in Israel, he was let go. On Tuesday afternoon, an Israeli woman named Shulamit Ovadia was attacked near her home in Holon.

The incident was captured on security camera footage showing a man repeatedly striking her behind a metal bar. Paramedics declared Ovadia dead at the scene after finding him unconscious. 

Police told Israeli media that Mousa Sarsour, the suspect in the murder of an Israeli woman, committed suicide.

Why did Mousa Sarsour kill Shlomit Nvidia?

The reason why Mousa Sarsour killed Shlomit Nvidia is not yet known. However, Shlomit Nvidia’s murderer Mousa Sarsour committed suicide before the police investigated.

According to Ynet news, he worked at a construction site near Ovadia’s home in Holon, just south of Tel Aviv. Police obtained video footage showing a man in dark clothes striking an elderly woman in the head from behind and running away. Sadly, Ovadia died as a result of her injuries.

Shlomit Nvidia’s murder is under investigation by the police:

Sarsour had a work permit for a construction job in Israel that pays much better wages. Shlomo Sagi, a spokesperson for the Israeli police, questioned Sarsour and let him go after he showed them his work permit, said police spokesperson Shlomo Sagi.

During the past two weeks, he has been checked twice by the police. However, we must investigate further to determine if he had partners since the inquiry shows that he acted alone. 

Five people were arrested by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) overnight in the West Bank on suspicion of assisting in Ovadia’s murder. They were family members of Sarsour, the Israeli media reported. There is a common practice in Israel of arresting the relatives of Palestinians suspected of committing terrorist acts.

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