Pak Uses Terrorist-Tracking Technology To Hunt Cornonavirus

The Intelligence agency of Pakistan is using the secretive surveillance technology to track Coronavirus patients. The secretive surveillance technology generally tracks the movements of the terrorists and the militants. However, Pakistan deployed this technology to track the progress of Coronavirus patients, and the people came to their contact. 

Source: DNA India

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan during a public program, said that Government has turned to ISI for help. The powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency will help in tracking the virus in Pakistan. The reason before the Pakistani Government turning to ISI is the acceleration in the spread of Coronavirus in India.  Pakistan Government has not released the finer details about the use of this technology in Pakistan. But ISI is going to use geo-fencing, and phone monitoring system said, two officials. The geo-fencing and phone monitoring system helps in locating and tracking the militants and terrorists, which are of high value.

The Government gave the reason for using such technology for tracking Coronavirus is the lack of awareness and fear amongst the people. People with symptoms of Coronavirus disease are seeking any medical assistance and are not comping to hospitals. On the other hand, some people are not following the rules of social-distancing and self-isolation properly.

Source: Live Science

The Coronavirus infected nearly 60,000 people in Pakistan and is the reason for the deaths of 1200 people. But the officials in Pakistan are worried because the testing is limited. And the actual number of people infected by Coronavirus may be higher.

The Concerns Raised By Right Groups

The Politically right parties in Pakistan are concerned about the abuse of this sweeping surveillance powers to trace political dissidents. Afrasiab Khattak, ex-senator, said that the ISI could use the surveillance technology for generating unnecessary fear amongst the public of Pakistan. The intelligence agencies shall not interfere in tracking the coronavirus patients, he said. And it is the task of the Provincial and Local Governments to track and contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Countries all over the world are using the track-and-trace method to contain Coronavirus. The reason before this is raising privacy concerns. The Authorities in Pakistan have failed to develop a national strategy for stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Prime Minister Imran Khan is reluctant to call for a lockdown in the country after citing the reason for poverty. Also, the religious lobbies of Pakistan exerted pressure on the Government against the closure of the mosques. The general public is also reluctant to follow the lockdown order. And this resulted in Khan allowing the reopening of the businesses in Pakistan.

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